About Me

My love for creating adorable, yet stylish, baby knits has evolved into more than occasional items for friends. After much encouragement from friends and family, Mamique Designs, Ltd. was born in 2008.

As a mom to two young girls, up until very recently I worked full time as an engineer. After some serious soul searching (and schedule juggling) I decided to give up my engineering career to pursue my passion for design and photography on a full time basis.

My engineering background has given me a unique advantage for creating items that not only look good but are also structurally sound. I pride myself in the quality of my workmanship and I pay attention to the meticulous details of each and every one of my designs. I take special care to find fibers that are most suitable for a particular item, and select only the finest materials for my creations to bring you a high quality product.

Many asked how the name came about. I owe "mamique" to my older daughter who went through a phase of calling me by many different variations of the word "mama". I fell in love with Mamique and thought it was much better than her other favorite name for me "mommy-yuck", lol!

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